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❤️ What is Veri?
❤️ What is Veri?

Who are we? What do we do? What is the purpose of life?

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Veri is the product of a group of people getting frustrated with the lack of tools to provide insight into their metabolic health and wellbeing. It's a tool, experience, lifestyle, community, and more, all focused on how to optimise your daily life while improving your long-term wellbeing.

Our goal here in the Veri office is to provide the world with a system for keeping themselves accountable to their metabolic health and general wellbeing. Using tangible data and scores can help nudge most of us into remembering that the choices we make every day have a large impact on our overall life.

We want to help you:

🍎 Rediscover nutrition to perform at your best, physically and mentally

📈 Understand your data and your body's response to lifestyle choices

🏋️‍♀️ See and feel the impact of physical activity and movement

⌚️ Have real-time access to your metabolic health

To elaborate a bit more, in Veri you have specific features for adding meals, adding exercise, and adding sleep. For your meals, you can upload images and get a specific meal score based on your glucose behavior, and use tags to track your meals. Exercise and sleep are automatically pulled in from Apple health, and for exercise, you get more insights into e.g. if you're burning fat or glucose, and what you ate recently that might be impacting your workouts. Instead of these just being added as a small note, you have much more robust features specifically designed to give you the most out of that information.

You also get a real-time metabolic score - a number that compiles all of your glucose data statistics, meal statistics (e.g. frequency, timing, meal scores), exercise, and sleep statistics to give you a true overview of how you're doing on each minute of each day.

On top of that, we have a library of information snippets and educational content in the app - plus you have an in-app chat that connects straight with us. Let's say you have some sensor issues or questions about how to improve your glucose response, you can chat with us and we'll figure it out together. We also have an online community where you can connect to other Veri members.

Our goal when developing Veri is to give you a tool to actually analyze your glucose with, and that's what you'll see as the main thread throughout Veri.

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