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Understanding the sensor
⏱ How often should I scan the sensor?
⏱ How often should I scan the sensor?

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It is really up to you how often you want to scan the sensor - anything from between once every minute to once every 8 hours is completely fine!

The sensor stores your data for 8 hours, after which it starts overwriting old data with new values. Remember to scan the sensor before going to sleep and as soon as you can after waking up to keep all of your overnight glucose data!

To help you stay consistent we send notifications every 8 hours. To turn on notifications, navigate to the "Me" tab, then Settings, then toggle on notifications.

However, if you want to you can absolutely scan more often than that to see the real-time changes of your values and of your metabolic score.

Each sensor is disposable and lasts for 14 days, no matter how often you scan. The sensor life is limited by the enzymes inside of it, which are used for measuring glucose levels.

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