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Low Meal Scores near exercise and other events
Low Meal Scores near exercise and other events
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Glucose levels can rise for many reasons, not just the food you eat. This article goes into some of the basics. Currently, Veri cannot distinguish what caused a rise in glucose when multiple events, workouts, or meals occur close together.

For instance, you could go for walk and then eat a banana and your glucose may rise. Or you could do an intense workout and eat almonds and also see a rise. In the first example, the banana is causing the rise, in the second it is the workout. This may result in almonds getting the same or lower score than bananas, which would not normally be the case.

We appreciate that this can be frustrating and we are working to improve the experience in future app updates.

For now, it’s important when experimenting with foods or workouts to leave enough time between events to understand how you react. With foods you have already assessed, you can ignore the meal score if you think it was caused by a workout or event.

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