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Who is the product for?
Who is the product for?
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Veri is designed for anyone who wants to improve their well-being by understanding how their body reacts to their overall lifestyle, and especially the food they eat.*

Food is fuel. It has a significant role in our lives, but most of us don't eat optimally for our bodies. With Veri, you get instant feedback on your meals from your glucose, giving you an outlook on how the food you eat, exercise, and sleep all affect your metabolism daily. You can use Veri to discover the right foods for you by comparing different meals and diets, the timing of your meals, and the impact of sleep, exercise, and stress on your glucose.

*Note: Veri shall not be used for medical use or practice. This includes use cases of seeking medical advice, preventing, diagnosing, or treating any medical condition, including conditions related to blood sugar control such as diabetes. Veri is not suitable for those who are pregnant or have a history of eating disorders. It is also contraindicated with medical-grade adhesive allergies.

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