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How do the Veri memberships work?
How do the Veri memberships work?
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At Veri we offer two types of memberships; Sensors and App or App only.

The Sensors + App Membership plan offers a package that includes 2 Abbott Freestyle Libre sensors with your order. While everyone has different goals, we suggest using one sensor at the beginning of the term to establish an accurate baseline and the other during the final two weeks to monitor your progress. Each sensor has a 14-day lifespan.

This plan gives you membership access to Veri's app, which includes features like food logging, list of recommended foods, educational content, and a community platform for 3 months. If you wish to monitor your glucose levels more frequently using sensors, you have the flexibility to purchase additional sensors at any point during your subscription. As part of our membership benefits, we offer these additional sensors to our customers at cost pricing.

1 x Sensor

2 x Sensor










To order more sensors during your membership you can reach out to your concierge care team at

Unlike other CGM apps, Veri does not require customers to purchase sensors with their membership plan. This is a unique benefit for individuals that have access to Freestyle Libre sensors elsewhere. With the App Only Membership plan gives you membership access to Veri’s app with food logging, educational content, and community. Veri is compatible with Freestyle Libre sensors only. We do not yet support Dexcom or other CGM devices.

However, the majority of our customers choose to purchase sensors through Veri. It simplifies the process and helps navigate potential hurdles many users face when trying to access sensors on their own.

Ultimately, Veri is your personal metabolic health coach. Our app guides you to the right foods and habits for your body, but those insights and recommendations are empowered by CGM data. In order to unlock the full value of Veri you will need sensors.

To use Veri, you must have access to the LibreLink app in the same region where you purchased your sensors. If your app store is set to a different region than where you are buying the sensors, it will unfortunately not be compatible. (See where we ship to in our FAQ)

If you are uncertain of whether or not you can get sensors elsewhere, we recommend purchasing through Veri. If you prefer to source the sensors elsewhere, you can opt for our App Only Membership.

App Only Members don't have access to purchase additional sensors at cost from Veri.

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