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V1.57.5 Introducing: Food Quality
V1.57.5 Introducing: Food Quality
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With our latest release, we’re adding a new layer of insight to meal analysis: Food Quality.

What is Food Quality?

Food Quality - a feature backed by peer-reviewed research - labels your meal’s ingredients in three categories: enjoy, moderate, and avoid. We consider whether the food is highly processed, its glycemic index, and its nutritional quality to give you a more complete picture of how eating that food affects your metabolic health, beyond your glucose response.

Food Quality is meant as a companion to your glucose response - so you can make better food choices every day ❤️

Update to the latest version of Veri to see it in action! To see your Food Quality, simply tap the meal card. All of your previous meals will be updated with Food Quality tags for each logged ingredient.

Learn more about how it works in our knowledge base.

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