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Understand how to keep track of your nutrition with Veri

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Nutrition is such a major part of your metabolic health, impacting everything from short-term energy levels to long-term health factors.

Logging all of your meals is critical because it allows you to learn how each one affects your metabolic health.

  1. Tap the empty meal slot on your timeline or tap "Add meal" at the bottom.

  2. Add the name of the meal, ingredients, quantities, a photo, and time. (You can even add recent meals or a previous meal that you’ve favorited. ❤️)

  3. Tap save and you're done! If this is a typical meal for you - tap the favorite "heart" at the bottom so you can quickly access it next time.

  4. Your Meal Score will be ready in 2 hours.

Tip: If you give it a descriptive name, we'll provide "smart suggestions" of ingredients based on the name to make logging even faster.

You can also search for the ingredients in the search bar, including thousands of branded ingredients!

Once you’ve added a meal, Veri gets to work analyzing your glucose response to provide a Meal Score.

TIP: For blazing fast meal logging, you can tap a recent meal to add it immediately, or tap the heart icon to quickly add your favorited meals.

If you prefer, you don't have to write a descriptive meal name. You can also edit the meal at any time by tapping the info icon at the top right.

Tip: Tap "Favorite" at the bottom of the meal card so you can add this meal with one tap next time!

This is where the fun begins - for the next two hours after your meal start time, your Veri app will be calculating how that meal affects your blood sugar to give you a Meal Score. Learn more about your Meal Score here.

If you'd like to see the nutrition information for this meal, just scroll down the meal card and tap "See detailed nutrition information."

Tip: If you think your Meal Score was affected by something like a high intensity workout or a hot shower (both can cause spikes) you can choose to exclude this meal by tapping in the info icon at the top right, then selecting "Exclude this Meal Score."

And with that, experiment away! If you have any questions, you can always reach us through the in-app chat.

Tip: Skip breakfast every day? You can edit your timeline to only show the meals you consistently eat. Just scroll to the bottom of the timeline and tap "Edit Timeline."

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