Physical activity is one of the biggest contributors to your metabolic health - it impacts both your short-term and long-term blood sugar response, and is an essential part to the metabolism puzzle. You can learn more here.

How to Add Workouts

From your dashboard, tap the plus sign at the bottom right, then tap β€œAdd Exercise.” From here, you can select the type of workout - everything from walking to weightlifting - then just add the time and duration!

With Veri, any exercise you track through Apple Health or Google Fit will automatically be imported into the app.

In the app, Veri will create an activity card for you, which lets you understand more about how your workout impacted your glucose and how your glucose may have impacted your workout.

And with that - get moving! Make sure to check out the other articles in the Help center for more information on how exercise can impact your glucose, and reach out to us through the in-app chat if you have any other questions.

Also, make sure your permissions for exercise sharing have been turned on - this can be done in the settings page of the app.

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