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While the quality and amount of sleep you receive impacts your energy levels, mood, and day, it also plays a large part in your metabolic health.

Tracking your sleep can help you learn how your sleep affects your glucose and how your glucose affects your sleep. Perhaps a large glucose spike right before bedtime impacts your rest, a day full of sugar makes you restless, or a pre-sleep yoga session helps you snooze.

How to Log Sleep in Veri

To manually add sleep in Veri

  1. Tap the + icon in the bottom right corner

  2. Tap Sleep

  3. Set your sleep timing and duration

  4. Tap Done to save.

Here is a photo for reference:

Did you know you can import exercise and sleep data to Veri from other apps?

Here are the instructions:

After setting up the integration, you may need to close and reopen Veri for the data to sync. If you see duplicate logged events in Veri, ensure that you don't have more than one source turned on for those events.

About Sleep Insights

If you set up the integration, your sleep event should now populate Veri automatically. Tap the sleep event on your timeline to see your sleep stage data.

When you sleep, your heart rate and glucose utilization decrease while your body shifts to processes that help you recover from the day.

Eating late at night, drinking alcohol, or having variable bedtime can cause your heart rate to take a longer time to lower once you fall asleep.

This can disrupt your sleep, increase overnight glucose levels, lead to high fasting glucose levels, and cause insulin resistance the following day.

Observe the changes in your sleep stages to see how meal timing, composition, and heart rate impact your sleep.

By understanding the link between glucose, sleep stages, and heart rate, you can adjust your sleep routine and meal timing to recover more effectively.

Interested in how sleep impacts your metabolic health? Explore how to use sleep insights here.

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