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Experiencing higher-than-expected glucose values?
Experiencing higher-than-expected glucose values?
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Did you suddenly receive a high spike in glucose and wonder what caused it?

Your glucose may rise suddenly after a high-carb meal, hot shower, sauna session, or intense exercise. In all these cases, your glucose levels should return to baseline within a few hours.

Here is an article with ways to understand your glucose measurements. If you'd like to learn more about tips on managing your glucose response, make sure to read this article.

CGM Accuracy
An average variation of +/- 10 mg/dL between measurement devices, sensors, and apps is fairly common since the sensor accuracy is often +/- 20 mg/dL. The most important thing about glucose monitoring (if not for medical use) is the overall trends of your blood sugar. We suggest focusing on your general glucose stability, spikes, and fluctuations rather than the specific moment-by-moment readings. Learn more about the sensor here.

With this in mind, listen to your body and seek medical care if you feel like you need it.

Veri and the readings received from the sensor should not be used for medical purposes. The sensor is not a diagnostic tool, so you should not use it to self-diagnose diabetes or hyperglycemia.

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