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πŸ“Š Why do my values differ from another CGM system?
πŸ“Š Why do my values differ from another CGM system?

Why do your values differ from other CGM apps?

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Have you been comparing values and found that your values in the Veri app differ slightly from other CGM apps?

There are a lot of things at play here, but we’ll try to outline them:

πŸ“± All CGMs and their apps have inaccuracies associated with them. Here is some interesting literature on this: Article 1. This means that when you compare two systems to each other, their inaccuracies might add up and you'll see a bigger than expected difference.

🩸 When comparing CGMs to finger-prick testing there will always be differences, since finger-prick measures straight from the blood and CGMs measure from interstitial fluid.

πŸ“ˆ The accuracy comes from of course the sensor, but also a lot from the software algorithms used with it. We use the Abbott LibreLink app to read the sensor, and the data is transmitted to the Veri app. The LibreLink app does glucose trend prediction, estimating whether your glucose is trending up or down, which can sometimes lead to discrepancies with Veri's reading.

✨ The most important thing about glucose monitoring (if not for medical use) is the trends of your blood sugar around meals. That is why we devised the Meal Score - to shift the focus away from the moment-to-moment glucose readings, to a more holistic picture. Learn more about your scores here and learn more about understanding glucose measurements here.

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