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Why do my values differ from another CGM system?
Why do my values differ from another CGM system?

Why do your values differ from other CGM apps?

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Have you been comparing values and found that your glucose data in the Veri app differs slightly from other CGM apps or glucose-measuring devices?

There are a lot of things at play here and we’ll try to outline them below:

All CGMs and the associated apps have inaccuracies. Here is an interesting article explaining this further.

When you compare two systems, their inaccuracies might add up so you'll see a bigger-than-expected difference. For example, if one device is reading low and the other device is reading high, the variance between the two will be significantly different.

When comparing CGMs to finger-prick tests, there will always be a value difference due to the reasons shared in this article.

The accuracy of the measurement comes from the sensor, but also from the software algorithms used with it. We use the Abbott Libre app to read the sensor and transmit the data to the Veri app via Bluetooth technology. The Libre app utilizes glucose trend prediction software which estimates a glucose score based on whether your glucose is trending up or down at the time of the reading. The Libre app will correct itself after about 15-20 minutes if the prediction is incorrect and reflect the correction on the Glucose Graph. The Glucose Graph in the Veri and Libre app is the most accurate source for glucose data from the CGM.

The most important aspect of glucose monitoring (if not for medical use) is the blood glucose trends around meal time and exercise. This is why we created the Meal Score. The Meal Score is intended to shift the focus away from the moment-to-moment glucose readings to a more holistic picture.

Learn more about your scores here and about understanding glucose measurements here.

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