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Experiencing higher than expected values?
Experiencing higher than expected values?
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Did you see your glucose levels going over 180 mg/dL?

This may happen after a meal that is really high in carbohydrates. Your glucose levels should decrease to your normal levels within a few hours. 

Here is a helpful article to learn how to understand your glucose measurements.

CGM Accuracy

An average difference of +/- 10 mg/dL between different measurement devices and apps is fairly common since the sensor accuracy is often +/- 20 mg/dL. The most important thing about glucose monitoring (if not for medical use) is the trends of your blood sugar - stability, spikes, and fluctuations. Learn more about the sensor here.

Lastly, listen to your body - seek medical care if needed.

Note that Veri should not be used for medical purposes. The sensor is not a diagnostic tool, and you should not use it to self-diagnose diabetes or hyperglycemia.

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