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V1.52.3 Sleep insights, Oura, Fitbit, and more...
V1.52.3 Sleep insights, Oura, Fitbit, and more...

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Our latest release brings you some of our most highly requested features from users just like you!

And if it was you - thank you for making us better πŸ™πŸ»

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Sleep insights

Sleep is foundational to your metabolic health β€” with our sleep insights feature, you can see exactly how your glucose levels affect your sleep, including your sleep stages and heart rate.

Simply select your source, and you'll start seeing sleep data automatically when you open the sleep event. You can use Oura, Fitbit, and wearables that send sleep stage and heart rate data to Apple Health or Google Fit (e.g. Apple Watch).

Learn how to get started with sleep insights.

Veri x Oura

Veri is partnering with Oura!

Oura Ring users can now get exercise and sleep events automatically, including heart rate and sleep stages, to unlock more insights into lifestyle and metabolic health.

Learn how to get started with the Oura Ring integration.

Veri x Fitbit

Fitbit users can now connect seamlessly to Veri. That means automatic sleep and exercise events (no more manual logging), plus heart rate, sleep stage, and step data for deeper insights into your metabolic health.

Learn how to get started with the Fitbit integration.

Nutrition tab

Veri exists to help you understand what to eat - the foods that are right for your body. The new nutrition tab makes it easier than ever to discover your best (and worst) meals, including updated search and filtering by sensor.

Learn more about the new nutrition tab.

Fasting-friendly drinks

Fasting-friendly drinks are a specific category of foods that can be consumed during a fast without breaking it.

If you log only fasting-friendly drinks during your fast, your meal will be considered fasting-friendly, and it won't break your fasting period in your Daily Score. However, if you log other foods that may break a fast, such as fruits, or vegetables, your fast will be considered broken.

What drinks are fasting-friendly?

  • Water

  • Coffee

  • Tea

Learn more about fasting-friendly drinks.

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