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Portion sizes in meal tracking
Portion sizes in meal tracking
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Portion size is now optional when logging meals! By default, portion size tracking will be turned off. For many new users, portion-size logging can be a distraction and is too similar to the calorie-counting experience of other apps.

Our goal at Veri is to help you focus on eating high-quality foods to improve your glucose levels and, ultimately, your health. Portion size is not required to achieve that, and can make logging your meals more time-consuming.

If you find value in keeping portion sizes, you can enable portion logging via the app settings section.

Frequently asked questions

Can I disable/enable portion size logging any time I want?
Yes! If you change your mind you can disable or enable portion size logging in the app settings section.

If I log a meal without the portion, can I add portions later?

Once a meal is created without portions it cannot be changed to show portion sizes.

Will I be able to see nutrition information?

Meals created while the portion size is turned off will not show the nutritional info. Previously logged meals and new meals logged while the portion sizes setting is turned on will show nutrition info on the meal screen.
​Do portion sizes impact my Meal Score?
No, portion sizes do not impact your Meal Score. The Meal Score takes into account glucose response and Food Quality.

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