Can I buy Veri as a gift?

How to purchase Veri as a gift

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You can gift Veri to your nearest and dearest in a few, simple steps.

To place a gift order, select the continuous monitoring option and toggle the 'Buy as a gift'-option within the payment selection our our webshop. Ensure you are in the same shop region as your gift recipient's address or the order will not be able to ship.

In the checkout, you'll input your billing details, your recipient's email address, and the date when you want the recipient to be able to redeem the gift. Once the day comes, your gift recipient receives an email where they can insert their shipping details and get the order delivered! It's as easy as that.

Our gifts are one-time only and do not enroll the recipient into a subscription. If you wish to purchase an ongoing subscription, you can do so by purchasing a membership and inputting your billing details and the recipient's shipping details. The order will need to be associated with the recipient's email address to activate their app access. In the US, the recipient will need to fill out a brief questionnaire to verify their eligibility and receive a prescription for the sensors.

If you have any questions about how gifting Veri works, don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

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