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How to Access the Membership Portal
How to Access the Membership Portal

Instructions on how to access the Veri membership portal

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Veri customers can access the membership portal in the Veri app or via this link.

To log in, enter the email address associated with your Veri account. Please ensure there are no typos or additional spaces when writing your email.

Once entered, we will send a one-time password to your email to verify your identity. The email will be sent from with the subject Your One Time Password (OTP).

Here is a photo for reference:

Please use a different tab, window, app, or browser to check your email and retrieve the code. It is important to keep the Veri login window open in the background so the login session remains active.

NOTE: Using the same window to go to your email will likely result in the one-time password code becoming invalid, as it will close the current login session.

Please ensure the following is true:

  • The email address entered is typed correctly and matches your Veri account, with no additional spaces before or after the address

  • Your email inbox can receive inbound emails (inbox is not full)

  • You have not blocked our previous emails/reported them to junk/spam

  • You have checked your spam, promotions, and social folders for the email

If you are having trouble and cannot access the platform, please email for further support. We will be happy to help.

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