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How to explain why scores in Veri do not match or if they change after reading your glucose data

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Have you noticed that sometimes your recent glucose values in Libre (and Veri) change?

Glucose data in the Veri and Libre apps changes because the LibreLink app uses predictive technology when reporting your glucose values.

The glucose numbers in the Libre Logbook are based on your current glucose trends. If the app detects your glucose is rising or falling quickly, it will "project" a higher/lower reading to let you know which direction your glucose is moving. This is meant to help you "get ahead" of rapid changes in glucose and help you maintain steadier glucose levels.

When you scan the sensor during a time when your glucose is quickly rising/falling, the LibreLink will show a predicted value, which will be adjusted later if the prediction is incorrect.

Shared below are a few examples of a failed prediction and adjusted score. While the example is in mmol/L, the same logic applies to mg/dL.

  • PICTURE 1: 23:54 - glucose is rising, Librelink (and thus also Veri) shows 7.2mmol, but Librelink always tries to “predict” glucose - so when your glucose is going up it will show a higher number, when going down it will show a lower number.

  • PICTURES 2&3: 00:06 - LibreLink & Veri - the peak is now just 7, and the value at 23:54/55 is just 6.7 now (down from 7.2 in the previous measurement)

  • This happens because the original LibreLink “estimate of rise” was wrong and the past value got corrected.

  • PICTURES 4&5: 00:29 - the peak was just 6.8 and now we’re back to 6.7

  • The past values changed twice both in Veri and Librelink, after the wrong prediction was corrected again.

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