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How often should I scan the sensor?
How often should I scan the sensor?

Guidance on how often you will need to scan your Freestyle Libre generation 1, 2 or 3 sensor

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Scanning advice for the Freestyle Libre 1 & 2 sensors

The FreeStyle Libre 1 sensor must be scanned at least once every 8 hours to manually transfer the data from the CGM to the app software.

It is really up to you how often you want to scan the sensor - anything from between once every minute to once every 8 hours is completely fine!

As the FreeStyle Libre 1 & 2 sensors' memory only lasts 8 hours, if there is greater than 8 hours between scans the oldest data collected by the CGM will be overwritten by the newest data. This will result in data loss and a gap in your LibreLink and Veri glucose graphs. For example, if you scan at 10pm and then the next morning at 8am, you will lose the glucose data between 10pm - 12am, which will not be saved in the sensor or collected in your LibreLink or Veri apps.

To avoid data loss we recommend scanning:

  • When you first wake up

  • Once in the afternoon

  • Once in the early evening

  • Once right before bed.

You will use the LibreLink app to scan the sensor and the data will be transmitted across to Veri by our sync feature. The data will only transfer if your phone has wifi or a cellular data connection.

If you are traveling and do not have cellular service, continue scanning with the LibreLink and all the data from the past up to 7 days will populate Veri once you have re-established a data connection.

There is no maximum limit to how often you want to scan! Your meal scores will be ready 2.5 hours after logging the meal, and you can set up 'check your meal score' notifications in the Veri app. It is also possible for Veri to send 'scan reminder' notifications every 8 hours.

Click here to learn how to manage your Veri app notifications.

The FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor within the US also requires manual scans once every 8 hours.

Scanning is not necessary for the FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor in the UK/ EU as the Libre 2 sensors in Europe and the UK are Bluetooth enabled, so your glucose data should transfer automatically from your sensor to the LibreLink app.

*Amongst the Veri team, we have found that manual scanning is still required about 50% of the time, however.

Scanning advice for the Freestyle Libre 3 sensor

The Libre 3 sensor across regions does not require scanning due to Bluetooth capability. You will only need to scan the sensor to begin the 1-hour calibration process at the beginning of the sensor's 14-day lifespan. Then, simply keep the Freestyle Libre 3 app open in the background of your phone and each time you open the Veri app, the glucose data will automatically populate.

Each sensor is disposable and lasts for 14 days, no matter how often you scan. The sensor's life is limited by the enzymes inside of it, which are used for measuring your glucose levels.

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