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Does it hurt?

How does it feel to have the sensor on

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Usually, having the sensor on can be easily forgotten. Once the initial excitement from installing it has worn off, you likely won't even notice the sensor is there! Be careful not to bump the sensor onto something especially in the first few days to ensure it stays put.

To maximize your time with Veri, you might want to apply the sensor an hour before bed, so that the initial settling-in period happens overnight. If you sleep on your side, place the sensor on the arm that you do not sleep on.

If you do feel pain in the area and it does not subside in an hour or two, do reach out to our team. The sensor should definitely not feel painful, and most often the sensations are due to excitement or nervousness about the installation process. As long as you have installed the sensor on the fatty part of your arm, you should be good to go in no time.

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