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How to apply your Abbott Freestyle Libre 3 sensor
How to apply your Abbott Freestyle Libre 3 sensor

Instructions for how to install your Abbott Freestyle Libre 3 sensor

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When you receive your Veri box, for every Freestyle Libre 3 sensor received, you should also find 1x alcohol wipe and 2x protective sensor patches.

Remember: always open the app first before applying the sensor. This will guide you step-by-step through the process and ensure success!

Below is simply a reference.

  1. Pick a spot

To install the sensor, find the fattiest part on the back of your upper arm.

2. Clean the spot

Clean the spot on the back of your arm with the included alcohol wipe.

You can also simply use soap and water, then pat completely dry with a clean towel.

3. Unscrew the cap

Unscrew the cap from the sensor applicator.

*Note: do not attempt to put the cap back on, as this may cause damage to the sensor.

4. Apply the sensor

Position the applicator on the location identified and cleaned on the back of your arm. Press down firmly, as the applicator only works once.

5. Pull away and ensure it's secure

Gently pull the applicator away from your arm and ensure that the sensor is attached securely by gently pressing down around the edges of the sensor adhesive.

Well done! You've done it πŸŽ‰

95% of Veri users find this process completely painless.

If you have struggled with the application process, reach out to our Customer Support team via the in-app chat or on email at - we'll be happy to help!

Now, just scan the sensor once using your Abbott Freestyle Libre 3 app and wait for the sensor to initialize!

Once scanned, your sensor will take 60 minutes to initialize. Luckily this time doesn't need to be wasted. We've put together a helpful guide of tips and actions that you can tick off while you wait for your sensor to become active.

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