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How do I ensure I insert the sensor correctly?
How do I ensure I insert the sensor correctly?

How to successfully insert the sensor

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We recommend watching the insertion step as many times as is needed to ensure you are comfortable enough with doing it. It takes determination to press the applicator down, and we promise it is less scary than you think. It's best to be firm and assertive with the installation, there's no need to be afraid.

Once you have identified the fatty part on the back of your arm, cleaned the area, and prepared the sensor in the applicator, the next step is to just do it.

Ensure you're pushing the applicator down evenly, in one swift motion. The whole process should take just a split second, and the secret is to be well prepared and not hesitate. It's over before you know it.

Please avoid taking a shower, going to the sauna, or doing intense activity immediately after installing the sensor to ensure it stays put.

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