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What is the application process like?
What is the application process like?
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Applying to become a Veri Affiliate is very simple.

First, you apply through the Typeform application on our website. Be sure to include your social handles, and website, and tell us how you plan to promote Veri.

We review all applications and you will receive an email with our decision. If you are accepted, you’ll then receive a follow-up email with login details to access your affiliate dashboard, grab your unique $30 discount link, and start sharing! Please bear with us while we review your application, as this may take a while.

Information that helps us in our decision-making includes: how you found out about Veri, how you plan to use and share Veri (ie: social media, with clients, etc.), your experience with CGMs, content you’d like to create, your expertise, information about your network, audience, and followers, etc.

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