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Veri is powered by continuous glucose monitors (CGM)*. The sensor measures your glucose levels from your interstitial fluid through a flexible filament.
To get a glucose reading, you scan the sensor with Abbott LibreLink app, which feeds the readings to Veri. The sensor can monitor automatically your glucose levels up to eight hours from your last reading.
When you get started with Veri, you can apply the sensor on your arm in just a few minutes with the help of the Veri app. To activate a new sensor, you must initialize by scanning the sensor with the LibreLink app. This takes up to one hour, and you can start monitoring your glucose with Veri.
*The sensor we use in the UK & EU is the Abbott FreeStyle Libre 2; in the USA we use the Abbott FreeStyle Libre 14-Day. The Veri app supports only the Abbott Freestyle Libre sensors at this moment. The sensors are waterproof and have a 14-day wear time, and you can shower or go to the sauna during the wear time. Veri and Abbott FreeStyle Libre are not dependent upon one another to function, but you will need the sensor and Abbott Freestyle LibreLink to collect blood sugar data.

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