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What do I need to use Veri?
What do I need to use Veri?
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To use Veri, you'll need access to LibreLink app by Abbott. LibreLink is available in select countries, and the app is compatible with sensors from the same region.

Your App Store or Google Play should be located in the same country/region where you are purchasing Veri (i.e. if getting Veri shipped to an address in the EU, you'll need your LibreLink app to be from an EU country. US App Store will have its LibreLink app only compatible with US sensors). If your country does not have LibreLink app in your app store, unfortunately we are not compatible.

If you choose our "App only" subscription, you'll need a Freestyle Libre sensor. We are not compatible with Dexcom or other CGM devices.

Veri is compatible with iPhones 7 or newer and Android phones that have an NFC-scanner, Android 9.0 or newer and Google Play Store*.

Veri is not available on Huawei or other Android devices that don’t have Google Play Store.

Veri requires an NFC connection to scan and is thus not available on iPad.

Android models that are not compatible with Veri:

  • Xiaomi Redmi

  • Ulefone Armor 7 & Armor X7 Pro

  • Samsung Galaxy A10S

  • Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Samsung Flip Z & Flip Z2

  • Motorola Moto G Stylus

  • Motorola Moto G Pure

Please note that the list above is not exhaustive. Before purchasing Veri, check that you can download Abbott's FreeStyle LibreLink app in the AppStore/ Google Play of the country in which you are located. You will need to download LibreLink in order to scan the sensors provided by Veri.

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