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Setting up notifications in Veri
Setting up notifications in Veri
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Want to ensure that you keep on top your glucose data and 4-stage Veri Program in real time? We want that for you too!

To help you with this, we have set up 3 push notifications from the Veri app.

To access management of these notifications, navigate through the main hamburger menu (top left from any screen in the Veri app).

Select App Settings, and scroll down to Notifications.

Here, you can choose to toggle on/ off the following notifications:

  • No scan for 8 hours - for Freestyle Libre 14-day or Freestyle Libre 2 users; you will be reminded to scan your sensor when it has been 8 hours since your last scan. This notification is the best way to ensure that you collect all of your glucose data.

  • Meal score is ready - this notification will remind you to refresh your glucose data 2 hours after you have logged a meal to ensure that you receive your meal score ASAP.

  • Education content - the best way to stay on track with your Veri Program, get reminded of your daily educational content from Veri.

Remember that you can make changes to your Veri app notification settings at any time.

In order to receive notifications, please also ensure that “Allow notifications” from Veri in your phone’s main Notification settings.

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