How often should I scan?

How to make the most out of Veri in terms of scanning

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How often you scan is really up to you - there is only one requirement to ensure you do not lose any data. The sensor memory lasts for 8hrs, so we recommend scanning at least when you wake up, once in the afternoon and once right before bed. If the gap between scans is longer than 8 hours, you will lose readings from the time that goes over 8hrs; If you scan at 10pm and then the next time at 8am, you'll lose the data between 10pm-12am.

You'll use the LibreLink app to scan, and the data gets transmitted across to Veri. You'll need an internet connection to transmit the data, so if you are traveling, for example, keep scanning with LibreLink and all the data will come to Veri once you have a data connection.

There is no maximum limit to how often you want to scan! Your meal scores will be ready 2.5hrs after logging the meal, and you can set the app to send you a reminder when your meal score is ready.

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