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LibreLink Errors

How to troubleshoot different error messages in LibreLink

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There are a few different types of error messages you might see while using the LibreLink app. This article explains the most common errors and provides suggestions on how to resolve them.

Sensor Error, Try Again in X Minutes/Hours

Problem: Error in LibreLink that says 'Glucose reading not available. Try scanning again in x minutes/hours'

Troubleshooting: Please wait at least 12 hours after applying your sensor to give it enough time to calibrate.

This message may appear shortly after you apply the sensor since it may need 12-48 hours to calibrate fully. You should be able to scan normally once the calibration period ends, but if you keep getting this error please let our team know.

If the sensor has been applied for more than 48 hours, this error could be due to erratic glucose values so the sensor cannot keep up with the variation. Please wait until the indicated time and try again.

Check sensor

Problem: Error in LibeLink says 'Please check your Sensor. If it is loose from your skin, please remove the Sensor and start a new one. If it is applied properly, try starting Sensor again.'

Troubleshooting: This usually means the filament is not properly placed under the skin. If this error appears after a few days of wear, it likely means the filament has been ripped off from your skin. Unfortunately, it cannot be put back on and thus you'll need to replace the sensor.

If you get this error when inserting the sensor, you can try to scan it again. If the error persists, it means the sensor likely is not installed correctly and will need to be replaced.

Scan Error

Problem: Error in Librelink says: Your scan was unsuccessful. Tap the scan button and scan again.

Troubleshooting: Your sensor is having trouble connecting to your phone. This can be caused by sources of electromagnetic interference or scanning position. Please wait a few minutes and try again. Also, make sure that you are holding the correct section of the phone up to the sensor. For iPhones, the NFC scanner is located in the top section of the back of your phone (near the camera). For most Androids, the NFC scanner is in the middle section of the back of the phone.

Sensor Already in Use

Problem: Error in Librelink says: The Sensor you just scanned was started by another device and cannot be used.

Troubleshooting: This can happen if you try to scan the sensor with a phone that the sensor was not set up with. A sensor can only be used with one device, the one it was set up with.

Replace Sensor

Problem: LibeLink has an error that says Your sensor is not working. Please remove your Sensor and start a new one.

Troubleshooting: This almost always means you need to install a new sensor.

Scan Timeout

Problem: The "scan timeout" message on a FreeStyle Libre device appears when the reader doesn't have a close enough connection to the sensor.

Troubleshoot: Try to scan again and make sure you are holding the correct part of the phone up to the sensor.

Sensor Ended

Problem: Error says Start a new Sensor to check glucose.

Troubleshooting: This means the sensor's lifecycle has ended and you should start a new sensor.

New Sensor Found

Problem: LibreLink says Starting a new Sensor will end the Sensor you're currently using. Would you like to start the new one now?

Troubleshooting: This happens if you scan a new sensor before the old one ends.

Regional Sensor Incompatibilities

Problem: The sensor is from a different region than the LibreLink app you have downloaded. This should only happen if your app store is not registered to the location in which you are buying the sensors.

Troubleshooting: Change the App Store on your phone to match the region that the sensor is from.

For most Libre issues, you can simply report this to the Sensor Support Staff by phone. The Support team will be able to resolve this matter with you and issue compensation.

Customers within the United States can call Sensor Support at 855-632-8658 and customers in the United Kingdom can call 0800-170-1177. If you are in the EU, please email us at and we'd be happy to help resolve this for you.

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