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Get to Know the Veri App
Get to Know the Veri App
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This guide covers the basic navigation of the Veri app!

If you're interested in how to get started with the Veri app, such as logging meals and tracking exercise, we wrote this quick guide.

The Veri app can be broken down into the following primary sections:


The Timeline is where the action is. It's the primary location you'll go to in the Veri app, so it's essential to learn all the features and functionality that come with it.

You should be brought to the timeline when you open the Veri app. Access it at any time but tapping the Timeline icon at the bottom left.

The timeline is where you will see your Daily Score as well as log your meals, exercise, sleep, and events.

You can jump to different days by either swiping across or tapping the calendar icon at the top right and selecting the date you want to jump to.

TIP: Tap the Daily Score widget to learn more about what contributed to your score!

TIP: Did you know you can also edit your timeline? This allows you to choose which meal slots appear. This is helpful for people that skip certain meals. Simply tap "Edit Timeline" at the bottom of your Timeline and select which meal slots you'd like to appear.

TIP: Do you eat the same meal at the same time every day? With routines, you can automatically add it without the need for manual logging. Just tap "Add Routines" under the Timeline editor, tap "Add new routine," select whether you'd like to add an empty slot or one of your favorite meals, then select the day and time it should appear.


The glucose tab is where you will see a graph of your glucose data and all of the events you've logged. You can also see daily averages of your glucose data down below the graph.

Learn more about your glucose readings:


Veri exists to help you understand what to eat - the foods that are right for your body. The nutrition tab makes it easier than ever to discover your best (and worst) meals, including updated search and filtering by sensor.

To get started - tap the apple "Nutrition" icon on the bottom navigation. From there, you can sort by sensor, meal type, and favorites. You can also search for meals.

Learn more about the Nutrition tab:

Journey and Community

The Journey tab is your roadmap for making the most out of Veri and improving your metabolic health. To start, tap the Journey tab at the bottom right.

You'll see all of your courses listed on this page. To start a course, tap the title and select the next lesson.

You can also access the Community from this page. Just tap "Community" at the top of the screen. Then tap the group you'd like to view.


The Profile page can be accessed by tapping the profile icon ata the top right. On this screen

Personal Info

From the Profile page, you can tap the top widget to access your Personal Info page where you can set your profile icon, name, goal, stats, lifestyle, and data sharing.


To get to the Settings page, go to your Profile and tap the gear icon at the top right. From there you can set your unit preferences, turn on notification, enable data sharing, export your glucose data as a CSV file, set back up preferences, and view the privacy policy and term and conditions.

Learn more about setting up connected apps:

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