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Get to know the Veri app
Get to know the Veri app

Basic navigation instructions for the Veri app - helpful early in a user's Veri journey

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This guide covers the basic navigation of the Veri app!

If you're interested in how to get started with the Veri app, such as logging meals and tracking exercise, we wrote this quick guide.

Main navigation tabs

Timeline tab

The Timeline section of your Veri app is where users will likely spend most of their time. It is the primary location you'll go to in the Veri app, so it is important for your success with Veri that users become familiar with the features and functionality that are provided within the Timeline screen.

You will be brought to the Timeline screen first when you open the Veri app, and can return to it at any time but tapping the Timeline icon at the bottom left navigation from any other section of the Veri app.

The Timeline is a daily log where you will track your meals, exercise, sleep, and other events.

You can navigate between different days by either swiping across the different dates at the top of the Timeline screen, or tapping the calendar icon in the top right and selecting the date you wish to jump to:

If you are actively working through a specific Stage of the Veri Program, your Stage lesson for that day will appear at the top of your Timeline Screen.

Next, your meal 'cards' are collated together so that you can easily view your meals and meal scores for each day.

Finally, your event 'cards' (activities, exercise, sleep, and other trackable events) will appear at the bottom of your Timeline screen.

For a deep-dive on the various Timeline features, take a look through the articles linked below:

Glucose tab

The Glucose tab is where you will see a graph of your glucose data, with all of your tracked meals, exercise and events overlaid at the corresponding time.

If you scroll down below the graph on your Glucose tab, you will also see your Daily glucose metrics (morning fasting glucose, average glucose, glucose variability and glucose oscillation). It is possible to click into each of these metrics for more information and historical data if it is available.

Learn more about your glucose readings:

Program tab

The Program tab is your roadmap for making the most out of Veri and improving your metabolic health. Daily guidance lessons will appear on your Timeline, but you can also find the lessons and required actions collated under the Program tab, including tracking your progress of completing the your current Stage requirements.

The Veri Program is split into 4 Stages. At the beginning of your Veri journey, the Program Stages will be locked. To unlock the first stage, simply apply a sensor! The following Stages will unlock as you complete the previous Stage's requirements.

To start a lesson, simply tap into the lesson 'card'.

Learn more about the Veri Program:

Hamburger menu options

Personal Info

Access your personal info page by tapping the hamburger menu in the top left of the Veri app, then click on your name. Here you can set your profile icon, name, goal, stats, lifestyle, and data sharing.


The Veri app was created to help its users understand which foods work for their unique bodies. The Nutrition tab makes it easier than ever to discover your best (and worst) meals, including updated search and filtering by sensor.

To get started - click into the 'hamburger' menu in the top left app navigation from any tab in the Veri app, then tap the "🍏 Nutrition" icon.

Once within the Nutrition section, you can sort your meals by sensor, meal type, and favorites. You can also search for meals based on the meal title.

Learn more about the Nutrition tab:


Access the Veri Community from the hamburger menu. Simply tap 'Community' then click into the community area that you'd like to view.

Note that you may need to open the Veri Community in a web browser in order to contribute with a new post or ask a question.

Veri app Settings

To get to the Settings page, tap the hamburger menu icon at the top left from any screen in the Veri app and tap "App Settings."

In the Veri App Settings you can set your unit preferences, turn on notifications, enable data sharing, export your glucose data as a CSV file, set back up preferences, and view the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Connected Apps

Did you know that Veri can connect to your wearable data to automatically add sleep and exercise events?

Access the hamburger menu from the top left of any screen in the Veri app, then tap "Connected Apps" to get started.

Learn more about setting up connected apps:

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