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Freestyle LibreLink App Alarms
Freestyle LibreLink App Alarms
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The Freestyle LibreLink apps come armed with a number of optional alarms that you may or may not choose to disable, depending on your use of CGM monitoring and the LibreLink app(s).

The majority of Veri users choose to toggle all alarms 'off', as they are not necessary for individuals tracking glucose for wellness purposes.

Freestyle Libre 2 & Freestyle Libre 3 alarms

To locate the alarm settings, in your LibreLink app open the main hamburger menu (top left), and tap ‘Alarms’.

Here, you’ll see options for:

  • Low glucose alarm

  • High glucose alarm

  • Signal loss alarm

Simply tap into each alarm and toggle ‘off’ or ‘on’ depending whether you would like the alarm off or on.

If you would like the low or high glucose alarm ‘on’, you will need to set when you would like that alarm to alert you to low/ high glucose by setting the glucose value at which the alarm sounds.

You are also able to set the alarm tone; as well as toggling on/ off whether you would like the selected alarm to always play a sound and appear on the lock screen of your phone even if your phone is muted or Do not disturb is on.

Enabling the Signal loss alarm will mean that an alarm sounds when your glucose alarms are not available because the sensor is no longer communicating with the app (via Bluetooth), e.g. if your Bluetooth is turned off, or if your phone is too far from your sensor to receive a reading.

Freestyle Libre3 only

The Freestyle Libre 3 has one additional alarm - the Urgent low glucose alarm; it is not possible to turn this alarm off in the United States.

Low readings overnight are common due to pressure from sleeping on the sensor (rather than genuine low glucose concern; this is known as a “compression low”). If you would like to disable this alarm in order to not be woken up in the night, we recommend disabling the Bluetooth on your phone when you go to sleep.

The Freestyle Libre 3 sensor can store up to 14 days' worth of glucose data at a time. So, simply enable Bluetooth again when you wake up and your overnight glucose readings will populate in the LibreLink app.

Freestyle Libre 1 (aka. 14-day)

Alarms are not automatically enabled on the associated Freestyle Libre 1 or Libre 14-day apps - you shouldn’t need to worry about disabling any alarms for these devices.

The Veri app also has optional notifications - see this guide for more details.

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